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Lily Allen Slams Social Media after Widespread Reports on her Soberness Surface

It finally seems right to presume that the English singer Lily Allen has parted her earlier party-loving ways.

Recently Allen revealed that she has to go a long way in the bid of becoming more responsible. According to reports, the pop star has claimed that she has developed abstinence from alcohol. The 29-year-old has told Grazia that she’s become sober and given up alcohol to “grow up”. She revealed her choice of giving up addiction and told Grazia at British Fashion Awards that she would be sober and she haven’t drank for months.

Immediately after these reports surfaced, the singer vociferated on Twitter. Several years ago, Allen had stated that she had problems with alcohol abuse. Now the singer is annoyed with the reports that have been published on December 8, claiming she has become sober to grow up. The singer claimed that the reports were all false and she blasted the allegations on Twitter. The British singer tweeted by saying that she wants to give up Mail Online as well as social media. She also added that people are not evolved enough for handling the Internet expressively. She prefers real newspapers and records that contain news in them.

Allen says that she has become a comical character that is always drunk. Now, she doesn’t have any plan of taking drugs. However, she has said that she’ll certainly consume alcohol in the future. The 29-year-old singer made a terrific comeback last year and told a publication that she wants to devote her energy and time to her craft. She has informed that she’ll work on composed songs with Harry Styles.

Lily Allen posts sexy snap on Instagram

Lily Allen has been displaying a lot of flesh recently and there is no sign of her quitting this trend. Recently the British pop star stripped almost naked, sporting just a short pair of pants, just a laptop guarding her modesty. It seems that it is all about getting back her confidence since having kids. The 28 year old Brit singer was very keen to reveal that she is back in several ways than one when she uploaded this picture when she was warming up for her new concert.

Sporting longer raven tresses that luckily came in handy for shadowing her appendages – she bared her glory clutching the laptop in a concerned position. Lily Allen uploaded the snap on Instagram along with a caption that reads: ‘Warming up in my pants, luckily @panosphair is there to document these dressing room moments’, citing hair stylist Panos Papandrianos. Read more »

Lily Allen dreams about 1D collaboration

Lily Allen, the British pop singer, dreamt that she joined another british act One Direction last night. The Smile star had a dream in her sleep that she has became a member popular British band and performed a rendition of TLC’s hit track No Scrubs with the boys.

She tweeted: “had a dream that I joined One Direction last night. Harry was nice, and we did a cover of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’. That is all. (sic)”

In the mean time, Lily Allen, who has two daughters, fifteen month old Ethel and 2 month old Marnie, with Sam Cooper, has now developed an strange scab after she fall over and cutting her knee previous week.

Later she tweeted: “I fell over and scraped my knee and now I have a scab shaped like Africa !!! #interesting (sic)”

Lily Allen recently complained about her like, she stated that she is bored and is looking for something new to shake her life out of her regular daily domestic routine, apart from responding to her critics via Twitter.

Lily recently tweeted: “Sometimes I wish I had better things to do with my time then change nappies, cook dinner, watch s”t telly and respond to Internet trolls. #bored #needtogetoutmore (sic)”

Lily Allen confirms her collaboration with Fryars

Lily Allen has finally confirmed that she is working with Fryars on a new album. Pete Paphides, a journalist, wrote on social networking site Twitter that he was hearing to a new record by Fryars, whose real name is Ben Garrett, promoting Lily Allen to reply. Lily Allen posted on Twitter: “Isn’t he amazing ? I’m working with him soon,”

In another tweet, she wrote: “He’s an actual genius. We did one song before Xmas and its my fave so far. [sic]”

In 2012, Lily Allen told that she had been tinkering away on new music with her old music partner Greg Kurstin and it is expected to unveil in 2013. Earlier there was rumors that she was in the studio attempting different music as well as writing new tracks.
Lily stayed away from music since 2010, but it was stated that she is very anxious regarding what people would think of her return in the music scene.

Speaking about Lily Allen, we must also state that Melanie Chisholm and Lily Allen are among those who have registered for a event that would raise £1 million for charity. The music stars, including Alison Moyet and Myleene Klass are rallying to their Twitter followers to find one thousand users who are ready to raise £ 50. It has been claimed that Lily Allen is very determined t win this contest. She has already appealed her fans about that in her Twitter page.

In a series of Tweets she wrote: “Ok so Comic Relief is upon us and I have put myself up as a Twitter million team leader. If you think you can raise £50 and let me take credit, then I’d be ver (very) grateful. Please help. I can’t bear losing. And it’s for charidee (sic).”